Handyman in Rockville, MD.

Handyman in Rockville, MD 20852

From changing a light bulb, to fixing a door knob, to remodeling a whole bathroom, 495 Home Services can do all handyman services in Rockville, MD area and the Washington dc metropolitan, no job being too big or too small! We can fix, remodel, demolish, and redesign parts of your home to make it good as new. Our team of highly trained professionals can walk you through the steps we will take to make your home the way you want it. Please look for the reviews of our Handyman services in Rockville, MD area and all Washington, dc metropolitan.

495 Home Services understands that every home is unique and all work required and requested will be worked on in a timely manner but also in a professional manner. We cover handyman work in fields of remodeling, bathroom remodeling. general house fixing such as window replacement, door replacement, and instillation of gutters, insulation, and sheet rock to name a few. If you don’t see a service here that you need assistance with, give us a call! We will help you find the best solution possible.

We all need a place to call our own. If you’re not up to a large remodel, consider bringing 495 Home Services handyman in Rockville, MD on board to frame and build your new “craft room,” or “man cave.” Have you started a new family? Each person can have a space designed for his or her own needs yet we also specialize in bringing families together in the kitchen, dining room, and family areas. Let’s help you to paint that nursery the perfect robin’s egg blue!

Or, perhaps, are the kids in college? Let us help you design your newly re-acquired space to fit your need: from a home office to a private retreat from the actual office, 495 Home Services is enthusiastically waiting for your call like to help you to build your dream home, one piece at a time. From the replica 19th-century door knocker to the sleek lines of an art deco bar in the corner of your recreation area, we are here to help you to add both the necessities and the “finishing touches” to your domicile.

Our strength is in the versatility of services we offer you — but don’t think that 495 Home Services handyman in Rockville, MD just dabbles in home repair. We consistently deliver upscale services with a focus on the highest quality in both the grand picture and the tiniest details to ensure your continued delight!

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