Painting Services in Rockville, MD

Painting in Rockville, MD 20852

Even something as simple as painting has a technique to it. 495 Home Services knows all the tips and tricks to a flawless paint job. Not only do we paint, but we will help you choose the best combinations of paint colors, the best coating for your room, and we will give you great estimates. Painting can be for the arrival of a new member of the family, moving into a new home, or just a new look. We want your paint job to be long lasting and promising, therefore 495 Home Services will provide you with a trustworthy start and finish to your paint job.

Before painting, be sure to remove all furniture and wall decor from the painting area, and cover all flooring well to avoid paint stains. Be sure to cover all light fixtures, and remove all light face plates from the walls. Keep in mind color to room ratio when choosing the colors for your rooms. Some colors will make your room look small while others will help make a small room look bigger. Feel free to call 495 Home Services for help with painting advice and service consultation.

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